DVG Collective Music Video

Death Valley Girls - Hold My Hand

Collective 16mm Music Video curated by Analog Cookbook

Hold My Hand is a collective music video that uses hand-painted 16mm film as its base, and we are seeking 100 filmmakers to contribute to its creation. Each participant will receive lyrics from the new song by Death Valley Girls called Hold my Hand, and a film painting kit with which to bring their vision to life.

Update: We have shipped out all available kits. If you would like to contribute your own 16mm materials, please email hello@analogcookbook.com

The film painting kit will include:

-12 feet (20 seconds) of clear 16mm film

-A zine on how to paint on film

-A medley of craft supplies (i.e. india ink, stickers, washi tape, sharpies, and letraset letters)

-Two lines of lyrics from Hold My Hand 

-A return label and envelope to ship the film back

Upon returning, footage will be scanned and emailed to participants.

Films can be as abstract or precise as you want them to be. You can write the lyrics on the film with sharpies or paint the color that comes to mind when you think about holding hands. You can cover the film in stickers, douse it in glitter, scratch it, you name it. So long as the sprocket holes are clear and we can run it through a projector, we’ll take it. The only rule is you have to send the film back.

We’re giving out the first 50 kits for free! After that kits will cost $15. 

International Artists

Given the time frame for this project, we are unable to ship film kits abroad. If you have your own 16mm film and would like to contribute, please email us at hello@analogcookbook.com and we will email instructions. 

All film must be returned (postmarked) by July 20 

in order to be included in the project. 

To participate please enter here: https://forms.gle/yYn28Vbcwiz9mUfBA 

Nitty-gritty (Terms)

-Participants own the rights to their film submission. They grant Analog Cookbook permission to use in the Death Valley Girls music video Hold My Hand along with promotional material for the music video. 

-Hold my Hand will be released online and may be screened publicly as well. Participants will be credited, with names featured at the end of the video. Analog Cookbook will not use footage in any context outside of the Hold My Hand music video.

-Submissions may be altered in post through speeding up or slowing down in order to match the rhythm of the song. Submissions will be intercut with other submissions. 

-Upon submission, each entry will be scanned and digitized. A digital copy will be emailed to participants to use how they please. 

Sample of painted film


Q: What is Analog Cookbook anyway?

A: Analog Cookbook is a biannual printed zine dedicated to analog filmmaking. We share darkroom processes and celebrate great works of art by filmmakers, photographers, and artists working celluloid and non-digital media. For more information check us out here.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: For participants in the US, we’re giving out 50 kits for free. After that kits will cost $15. 

Q: But I’m an international artist. Can I participate?

A: Sort of! Unfortunately, given the time frame of this project and cost of shipping abroad we are unable to ship kits out internationally. If you have your own 16mm film and materials, we can send you a digital copy of the zine and lyrics to work with. Please email us and we’ll handle it on a case by case basis. 

Q: Will I get my film back after I submit it?

A: We are unable to return the film, but will give you a digital copy of the film. 

Q: But I don’t know much about 16mm film!

A: Good! Learning new things is great. This project is open to humans and artists of all levels and backgrounds. Plus if you’re at a total loss you can always email us and we’ll help. 

Q: What if it’s not perfect?

A: Done is better than perfect! We hate perfection. If you struggle with perfectionism, we recommend reading Art and Fear

Q: I’m a 16mm filmmaking aficionado, can I use my own film? 

A: Yeah sure. Just only send us 12ish feet of it please. As artists we’re usually iron-deficient and too tired to go through your 2,000 ft reel. I’m sure it’s lovely though.

Q: If I use my own film, does it have to be clear film leader?

A: Not technically, but it does have to be physically altered through paint, scratching, stickers, burning, etc. and it does have to be an artistic response to the lyrics you receive. No nudity or violence. Keep it PG. If you’re unsure, shoot us an email. 

Q: I want to use this footage in another project I’m working on. Can I do that?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. 

Q: But why are you doing this?

A: We think painting on film is a really lovely way to express oneself. We want to share that joy with the world. 

For any other questions please email hello@analogcookbook.com